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Chef Danilo AmatoChef Dani believes that food should be made from quality fresh ingredients, handled with care, and prepared at the height of freshness.

He has nurtured a life long love affair with food preparation and hospitality. A Tuscany native, he has practiced food preparation from his family's restaurant, La Fontanina Di San Pietro, to the Haute Cuisine school of the Hotel Crillon in Paris. He has been a supportive member of the Slow Food Association, a group dedicated to promoting regional cuisine all over the world.

Chef Dani cooks with a passion for rustic Tuscan and Northern Italian food. He enjoys preparing healthy Mediterranean recipes, perfect for families with active lives and who enjoy entertaining. When not in Tuscany, Dani brings his unique vision and flavor to custom catering in Seattle, Washington. See more about Chef Dani at Amato Catering